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    Vinyl Decals: Adding Some Glam!

    Vinyl decals are an easy method of adding a new or creative style to any space. They enhance simple yet stylish decoration. Designed for fast application, they make decoration an easy to do process.

    Decals can be applied to various backgrounds depending on one’s preference. But the most suitable application surfaces are non-porous and hard surfaces. The application can be on walls, windows, plastic surfaces or tiled surfaces.

    How to Apply Vinyl Decals?

    1. Clean the surface

    The surface on which vinyl decal will be applied has to be clean and dry. Before applying the vinyl decal, clean the surface and then dry it.

    1. Apply the vinyl decal on the wall

    Start the application process by placing the adhesive side of the decal to the wall or the surface you want. Use your hands to smooth out the decal.

    1. Use a thin hard edge to smooth the decal

    Start the smoothing from the middle as you proceed to the outwards on the edges of the decal. Repeat the process until the decal is completely smooth.

    1. Peel up the masking

    Once your vinyl decal becomes completely smooth, peel up the masking. Gently start peeling from one edge as you pull gently in the reverse direction.

    Printed Vinyl Decals Pros

    A professional graphic designer can print for you vinyl stickers based on the colors, patterns, shapes or sizes you prefer. The designer uses an image editing software to create your vinyl decals and prints them afterward. Using printed vinyl decals assures the following advantages:

    • Durability
    • A professional, neat and stylish look
    • Affordability
    • Easy and quick application: you can independently apply vinyl decals on surfaces.
    • Non-permanent: makes it easy to change when necessary.

    If you want to add glamor to your walls at home or give your business space an elegant touch, consider vinyl decals.

    At Capstone Signs & Graphics, you can get vinyl decals based on what appeals to you. Whether you prefer clear vinyl decals, solid shapes, pictures or patterns, our designers have the expertise and technology needed to do the job.

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