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    Using Signage to Boost Brand Image

    Signage is the art of using graphics, symbols, and text with the ultimate aim of conveying a certain message to a particular group of people. Signage is of great importance in passing information and helps the receiver in decision making.

    Many businesses nowadays have adopted the use of promotional signage to publicize their images and get known by potential customers. They are designed to persuade or convince potential customers and attract them to use services and purchase goods of a specific company or business.

    Signage is significant to a business or company as it helps to boost brand image in the following ways:

    Enhance Recognition

    A potential customer won’t be able to notice your goods or services if they’re not displayed well. By using signage, you will expose your business to many people who can stop at your shop to inquire. This is important in brand identification as customers will get to know the brand and get the exact information about it. Many renowned companies have benefited from signage for improving their brand image through recognition.

    Advertising and Marketing

    Many companies and businesses use signage to advertise and market their goods and services. It is also helpful in marketing the company and boosting brand image. You can even add convincing words or sentences that will draw the attention of potential customers and give them the urge to try your goods or services.

    Branding and Visibility

    Customers are most likely to purchase or buy a brand that they are well aware of. Only a few people have the confidence to try a new product. Customers will also rather deal with a company they are well acquainted with than with those they have never heard of. Signage exposes your business and brand to people who will later become your customers and help you boost your brand image.


    A well-designed and written signage help to distinguish your business from the competition and enhance a strong and unique brand image. People will be able to differentiate you from other brands and this will go a long way in boosting your brand image. Your signage should be distinctive and characteristic and will be helpful in maintaining your customers.

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