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    The Importance of ADA and Safety Signs

    If you run a business, you should be aware of ADA signs and their importance in staying compliant with ADA laws. ADA is the Americans With Disabilities Act and it establishes regulations for businesses to make sure that everyone feels welcome and can access your facilities as employees or visitors. This means that you need to adhere to ADA laws or face serious consequences. ADA signs are just one aspect of your adherence to ADA but still a very important one. Your ADA signs make sure that people can find their way around your facility. Another important part of your signage is safety signs. Both ADA signs and safety signs need to look a certain way and contain specific information.

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    ADA Signs

    ADA signs are used to make sure that everyone can find their way to important areas in your building. ADA signs often mark restrooms, wheelchair accessible entrances and other areas in your building. One area you may not realize needs ADA signage is the landing in your stairwells. You need to clearly display the floor numbers at each landing. This ensures that everyone can access these areas and entrances.

    In order for ADA signs to be accessible, they are required to use high-contrast colors. High-contrast colors ensure that even people with some visual impairments can read these signs. It also makes sure that they can be read in low-light situations. ADA signs also include braille lettering. This braille lettering makes sure that even individuals who cannot see can make their way to around your building.

    Safety Signs

    Similarly, safety signs also often use high-contrast colors. These signs often mark dangerous areas in a building, emergency exits or equipment or areas of refuge in a building. This ensures that in an emergency situation people can access tools and exits that will keep them safe. For example, areas of refuge are areas that are designed to be safe in the event of a fire or other type of emergency situation. Anyone who cannot evacuate the building can wait for rescue in an area of refuge which needs to have its own method of contacting another place in the building or an outside area. Safety signs can clearly mark these areas and give instructions about how to stay safe or use the callboxes in areas or refuge.

    Another example of a safety signs would be clearly marking a room with electrical equipment or machinery. These signs can be simple. They can say something as simple as “High Voltage” or “Authorized PersonnelOnly.”

    ADA signs in McDonough GA

    Your Business

    These two types of signs are vital to making sure that your business is accessible and safe. They keep people safe but also keep you safe from possible blame in the event of an emergency. They also keep you in compliance with the laws and regulations that govern your signage. This will prevent you from being fined by the entities that enforce these regulations.

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