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    Signage Solutions for Your Office Build-out

    Transforming an office space into a place that businesses would like to occupy is the secret behind attracting businesses to an office property as well as keeping them there. It does not matter if a building property has just been recently constructed or it is an existing space that needs an overhaul.

    In addition to the following:

    • the physical layout of office suites
    • the layout of common spaces
    • furniture

    Your signage needs and that of your tenants are equally important. 

    The following are some of the essential kinds of signage to consider if you are keen to attract tenants to a space:

    Accessibility Signage

    There are compliant requirements for documents like the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) that requires buildings to properly accommodate the needs of visually impaired tenants, guests, and employees. These signs should have braille elements for individuals who are blind and tactile elements for individuals who are visually impaired. 

    Signage for Branding

    The office is the headquarters of a tenant because it is the physical embodiment of all they represent and do. Their aim is to make visitors feel that they are in the correct place and that the building represents the organization of interest. It is an aspect that varies as it is dependent on the type of building, i.e.:

    • Solely office space
    • A mix of office space and retail
    • Total retail space.

    Office signage is the ideal solution regardless of the option that you select. Branding your reception area or lobby using effective signage should help the company. Your office and space should be branded with good signage that features certificates, awards and mission statements. You should let your tenants customize how your office space appears to accommodate their vision and brand thus making them feel at home.

    Wayfinding Signs

    These help guests and tenants to find their way around your building. However, these signs ought to be updated on a regular basis to be effective. This means that the design should be easy to alter in future when you will need to, this is what makes them different from other types of signs.

    Exterior Signage

    Signage outside the office is as important as that inside. This helps in attracting any prospective clients and making them feel that they are in the correct place. Allow your tenants to explore various options with regard to exterior signage like exterior directories, monument signs, building-top signs and those mounted on the side.

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