Safety/ADA Signs

The toughest job of a business owner is keeping their customers content. While much of a customer’s happiness is based on the services provided, proper safety and ADA compliant signs can set the tone. While the Americans with Disabilities Act makes wayfinding and ADA signs mandatory, businesses can go the extra step by exploring the categories of safety signs. Capstone Signs can help. We create signs of all types to find the individual needs of our clients.

Some examples of the categories that can amplify the ADA efforts of a business include:

  • Prohibition Signs. These signs indicate what not to do, such as “Do Not” signage. Examples include do not smoke and determent from dangerous activity or hazardous materials.
  • Warning Signs. Similar to prohibition signs, this type of signage indicates there is a potential danger, such as wet floors or flammable material. Rather than indicating not to partake in an activity, this signage lets passersby know of the hazards.
  • Mandatory Signs. In this type of signage, visitors are told what needs to be done to be safe. An example includes needing to wear a hard hat in a construction site. These signs help those in the space know how to stay safe.
  • Safe Condition Signs. When there is an emergency, these signs help occupants properly exit or find first aid equipment. While the other examples keep visitors from danger, these signs help them when danger is found.
  • Exit Signs. These signs help visitors find their way out while also indicating the best exit in an emergency.