Permitting / Installation

We work with the permits and installation so your only concern is getting the best design possible. Our team does the research to ensure your signage solution adheres to local governing regulations and is compliance with local zoning ordinances. We also do the heavy lifting when it comes to installation for peace of mind.

How We Can Help

  • At Capstone Sign and Graphics, we ensure you get the best product possible by providing professional installation services. Rather than adding an extra step to finding the right signage, we make sure the job is done correctly from start to finish.
  • Every area has its own rules and regulations for signage. We can help. We will help work with the city or county to ensure your company is in full compliance with the law.
  • Property Owners! If you don’t own your building and are having trouble understanding the owner’s regulations, we can help. We will work directly with the owner to find out the necessary steps to changing out your signage.

Areas We Serve

Capstone Signs and Graphics is in McDonough, GA and is proudly serving Henry County, Southeast Metro Atlanta and Central Georgia including Stockbridge, Locust Grove, Hampton, Jackson, Covington and Forsyth.