Monument / Architectural Signage

Monument and Architectural Signage

For business locations that are often difficult for motorists to find, Monument and Architectural signs could be the solution to happier patrons. These signs work both as a method of marketing to passersby while serving as a wayfinding sign for those looking for the building. These signs are particularly useful for entrances that lead to longer roads to get to the building, but have other practical uses as well.

Our signage comes with a freestanding option, which allows customers to choose anywhere on the property for their custom-made product. Most often, our customers choose a space in their landscaping to have the most aesthetic appeal. However, for locations that have less landscaping to work with, our team will help them choose the best solution for their space.

  • Free Standing Building Sign. Most often used in single-tenant buildings, the signs are designed and crafted with light weight yet durable materials.
  • Post and Panel. Similar to a free-standing sign, a post and panel sign stands free and can be made from many different material types. Instead of being a free standing architectural sign, they are made using posts and a panel, as the name suggests.
  • Pylon Signs. This type of sign can be made by putting a single cabinet set on a pole or positioned between two poles, specifically designed for multiple tenants in a bigger building.
  • Outdoor Directory. Most often used for multiple tenant buildings, an outdoor directory is useful for buildings under strict regulations for illumination or colorful branding such as retail areas.
  • Digital Display. A digital display has a lot more flash than other types. It uses an LED Readerboard to display relevant messages and information while grabbing attention through illumination.