Exterior Building Letters

While other options can give a flashier look, exterior building letters can be ideal for many different applications. Having the clean-cut look of these letters can better communicate a brand, depending on the individual needs of a company.

Illuminated Letters

Add illumination to your building and make it even easier for customers to find you with these hand-crafted letters. These types of letters come with a few different options.

Halo-lit Letters

A halo-lit letter is illuminated from the back with LED modules, and the letter faces themselves can be created from a variety of materials. These letters are best used on non-reflective surfaces such as drivet or brick.

Channel Letters

These letters are custom made to reflect the logo, font selection and style of each brand. Channel letters are the more recognized, fully lit letters many buildings boast.

Non-Illuminated Letters

Letters of this type are machine routed for total precision. These are cut from a variety of different materials then often coated to match the colors of the brand.

High-Density Urethane Letters

This material is easy to carve and customize while still durable for all types of weather. It can be cut into virtually any shape, including thick profile letters. Even better, there is no limit to the colors that can be used.

PVC Letters

These letters have a professional look without the price. The material is lighter in weight with solid colors that can have an automotive grade paint or vinyl graphics added for multi-color use.

Cast Metal Letters

For a simpler, more clean-cut look, cast metal has a longer lifespan and the durability for any weather type. They can come in virtually any depth or size, with different finishes including polished, anodized and oxidized.

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