Channel Letters

Most consumers don’t know what a Channel Letter sign is, yet they see them every day. Channel Letter Signs offer an alternate to Cabinet Signs by turning company names into lighted signs for the front of the building. These signs are most often used for retail storefronts, prominently displayed above entrance ways.

These three-dimensional signs can be seen from a long distance, maximizing the impact of a store’s signage. Our team works with customers to enhance branding by selecting the right fonts and colors for any job. Additionally, we offer different lighting styles to fit the needs of every client.

Types of Channel Letters

  • Internally Lit. Also known as front lit channel letters, these letters have an open side facing outward. To hide the electrical workings, these letters have a colored acrylic face that can be customized to the color of your choosing.
  • Open Face. These letters are more simple. They are created using an aluminum can that is shaped to the correct letter then illuminated with exposed neon tubing.
  • Reverse Lit/Reverse Pan/Back Lit/Halo Lit. These four signage options are one in the same. The open side of these letters faces the wall with a solid face of any color facing the viewer.
  • Front and Back Lit. This option combines internally lit and back lit illumination to achieve the best of both worlds for a striking sign.