Cabinet Signs

Looking to make a statement to passersby? Our Cabinet Signs, also known as lightbox cabinets, turn a business’s logo into a work of art using vibrant colors that standout from any type of building. The lighting effect is created by using an exterior frame with an interior light source that is sure to leave an impression.

We also add a standard polycarbonate front, which fits seamlessly on top of the box cabinet. This protects the interior light source without sacrificing information about your company to ensure your sign stays shining bright. There are a few applications for this type of signage to fit the needs of any customer.

  • Channel Letters. These are the most popular type of illuminate letter signage for a building. They can be used to create attractive uses of light and dark to get the most out of your sign’s design.
  • Lightbox Cabinet Signs. These signs are typically made from aluminum then painted with a powder finish to help against wear. The option to mount directly onto a building is an attractive feature for storefronts.
  • Monument Cabinet Signs. Have a hard to find location? A monument sign can incorporate a moving LED Readerboard or be kept simpler. These signs are a surefire way to grab attention.
  • Pole Cabinet Signs. When trying to grab attention from longer distances, pole cabinet signs get the job done. By using a pole, there is more height to work with, making it easier to get the attention of motorists on highways or other major roadways.