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    Design Considerations and Selection of Materials for Lobby Signs

    Interior signage such as wayfinding signs, message boards, directories and lobby signs are essential to commercial environments. This signage allows people to know who you are, what you do, and how to find you.

    Interior lobby signs have become the center spot in many offices. They are available in different types. The ideal lobby sign is dependent on materials, the office image, life expectancy, and logo.

    Design Considerations

    The business logo is key when designing your lobby sign. Some signs comprise of names of business professionals or taglines. Generally, good lobby signs occupy approximately one half the width of the wall on which it is installed.



    Some proven lobby signs staples are aluminum, wood, PVC with laminates, foam and acrylic board signs. These are common materials because they assist in adding dimension and creating a good visual impression. They can easily be substituted for each other or even combined.

    • Metal letters – Metal letters that have been formed, cast or solid project permanence, efficient reliability and crisp. They are popular with seasoned companies as well as with those that have been around for a while.
    • Metal laminate letters – These are the ideal choice for making a long-lasting impression. Projecting stability and permanence is an essential function of lobby signs for most business. They provide the appearance of cut or cast metal letters, but not the weight or expense of solid metal.
    • Foam letters – Foam is a useful substrate that can be easily utilized in the addition of dimension to laminated letters. They are the best option for those seeking depth on lobby wall signs.
    • Acrylic letters – Letters that have been acrylic cut have grown popular, particularly for indoor sign letters. The letters can be painted or colored to match the brand of a business.
    • PVC letters – This material is the perfect choice for both outdoor signs and indoor signs because of its durability.

    The fact that lobby signs are never exposed to the weather elements allows them to utilize an array of materials in their construction.


    Need Professional and Creative Lobby Signs?

    Lobby signs are highly effective with regard to branding a building entrance, lobby or reception area. They are the best way through which you can communicate a message of creativity, professionalism, and trust.

    Contact Capstone Signs & Graphics today for practical design considerations and selection of materials for lobby signs.