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    Benefits of Perforated Window Graphics for an Office

    Window graphics often bring up the idea of a retail space and not necessarily an office space. However, there are many benefits that come from utilizing this signage solution for an office. The first and most obvious benefit is the aesthetic appeal. It can add a lot of color while showing off what the company has to offer without taking away from the function of the building.

    Even further, perforated options can add a lot more privacy while still letting light into the building. Often used in vehicles, perforated vinyl was created with the intention of fully wrapping a vehicle while allowing the driver to see out the back window for safety purposes. This technology is perfect for its design but can be used in many other applications to better serve companies looking for better marketing opportunities and to increase the visual appeal of their building without sacrificing sunlight.

    Take Advantage of Space

    Adding color and décor into your space can take up a lot of room when not executing well. However, using perforated vinyl can put the images you want at the forefront of your business without using the space you need for your team. These graphics can use virtually any images of your choosing. This means your mission statement can be proudly shown or you can show off your logo while keeping the walls clear for other art or important brand information.


    For offices with windows for employees to see out, it can feel a bit like working in a fish bowl. However, window graphics are a lower cost solution that will keep your window space available. Workers can feel better protected from outsiders looking in while they work but continue to give them a window to look out of to avoid feeling trapped in the office.

    Show Creativity

    Using window graphics to your advantage will show visitors and employees that your company is creative, both in the graphics they select and the innovative solution for showing images in the space you have. This can be the perfect ice breaker for a first-time visitor or become a fixture that shows what you can achieve as a brand.

    First impressions are important. If you are considering a window installation to show your brand and give your workers important privacy to complete their work, contact us today. Our team has installed window graphics for many industries and will use our knowledge to your advantage.