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    All Your Sign Installation and Maintenance Needs Met

    After the location for a sign is chosen, it is vital that the product is correctly installed and well taken care of. Signage functions to project a positive image of a business or company; that’s why it should be given utmost priority.

    Effective signs are eye-catching, clean and bright. The success of a sign begins by adopting an innovative design with a visual impact, readability, architectural integration, and should be within budget. Such specifications can only be delivered by an experienced design team with a professional background because they utilize modern methods such as computer-aided design equipment.

    Sign installation and maintenance services cover many types of signs from LED signage and monument to wall murals and interior signage. 


    Proper installation of signs actually involves more than just installing exterior or interior lighting or sign. It is important for an extensive engineering survey to be conducted and the proper permits obtained. Sign installation should be compliant with all relevant safety and health regulations. There are also other elements that need to be taken into consideration like building the structure, parking lot and landscaping for a suitable and efficient install. 

    It is only fair to use expert services to install your sign after investing capital and time in creating an effective sign solution that enhances your business image and meets its needs. It is only through skilled technicians and state-of-the-art equipment that excellent workmanship and timely installation can be achieved. 



    Vandalism, wind damage, and power outages are just a few events that can damage lighting and signage. Other minor inconveniences to signs include changing light bulbs in illuminated signs, partial burning out of neon sign, etc.

    Regular maintenance of signs ensures that they remain eye-catching, functional and safe. Service vehicles required for sign maintenance include platform trucks, bucket, and boom as these cover all sizes of signs. A good sign maintenance program should be scheduled in such a way that it doesn’t interfere with a business’ working hours. 

    Preventative maintenance, component replacement, and washing is a programmed maintenance procedure that is highly recommended. This is normally conducted with a properly stocked mobile service truck.

    Contact Capstone Signs & Graphics today for proper sign installation and maintenance to guarantee several years of good service for your organization or business. We will help you to decide on the ideal materials, customizing options, mounting method, shape, size and location.