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    5 Tips for Real Estate Signs in 2018

    Real estate business requires that you have an eye-catching sign that will lure potential clients to your business premises. This is considered to be a make or break point in your venture. It is paramount that you take calculated strategies in coming up with a sign. We will give you five tips that will be a selling point for your real estate signs in 2018.

    Professional Branding

    You need to ensure that you sell your brand in every sign you come up with. Every agency has a unique image that, depending on the reputation, will automatically be a plus on sale. For a newbie, it is advised that you come up with a brand that will have a lasting impression on the buyers.

    Quality Material

    Advertising material quality will tell a lot about the product you are pitching. In 2018, it is imperative that you use a high-quality material that will stand wear and tear, and not break and fade over time.

    Wise Use of Space

    Accurate usage of the space on your real estate signs is also an important factor. If space is big, you should ensure that your text is evenly distributed on the sign so that no conspicuous blank spaces may be portrayed.

    Choice of Color

    People are influenced by colors. Colors intrigue them into wanting to know more. Red, for instance, is an attention catcher, and blue or velvet are subtle and soft to implore trust.

    Employing pictorial technique in your signage is also a plus to your real estate signage. It is quite enticing for someone to have a list of exactly what he will be up for when heeding to your signage.


    Another important factor is the placement or position of your sign. A clearly visible position is important for the pedestrians and motorists.

    Call the Experts

    When trying to sell a property, the first thing you need is high quality and visible real estate signs.

    At Capstone Signs & Graphics, we create our signs with durable materials so you don’t have to worry about the weather. They are also easy to install and maintain. Our expert team will work with realtors and property managers to display important information attractively to get the attention of pedestrians and drivers alike.

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